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"D&D Roofing and General Contracting LLC has work samples all over Racine and the owner, Dale Decker, hands you a long list of all of the houses he's worked on.  Not just roofs but porches, add-ons and more.  After considering several companies we chose to have D & D replace our 100 year-old shaker shingles covered with two layers of asphalt roof.  Their team worked long and hard to carefully remove all of that, plus they razed our chimney and replaced it with a vent which saved us a lot of money.  They retained much of the original foundation wood of the roof and integrated the new materials with it very well.  There were some sections of the building that were added on in the last half of the 20th century that were not as well constructed and these were replaced and well covered.  They even did a great job on our garage with its challenging architectural features.


As for the mess in the yards.  These guys worked as hard as humanly possible to clean up all of the shaker shingles, asphalt shingles, boards, nails and gutters.  They picked up all of the odd scraps and rolled a magnet over the lawn to catch any stray nails.  An odd piece of asphalt shingle shows up now and again where no one looked (not even us) but given the volume of material moved I should not be surprised if something comes along.


After all was said and done I was extremely happy with the job they did and would highly recommend them."

-Dean C., Racine, WI




"These guys know their stuff and do a superb job."

- Daniel S., Racine, WI

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